What is Too Many Dice?

Too Many Dice is a repository of information, opinions and tools to enrich your RPG-playing experience, with some daily content supplemented by larger thought-pieces and updates on projects I'm working on, including City of Steel, a weekly podcast. As well as providing resources to the RPG community, and providing a portfolio for my work, this blog will be a place for me to collect my thoughts and talk about the things that are important to me.

About City of Steel

City of Steel is a radio drama-cum-actual play podcast using the Dresden Files RPG system and set in the Dresdenverse version of Sheffield, featuring the exploits of a group of investigators trying to keep a variety of supernatural predators, gangland bosses and other nasties from destroying the live of the city's inhabitants. 30 minute episodes come out every Friday, and feature the gaming talents of Jay (as the narrator and game master), Hannah, Tom, Oliver, Ally and Llewelyn. 

About the Host

I'm Jay Draper, host and writer of Too Many Dice. I've lived and breathed RPGs since first finding D&D in my late teens, and now host a weekly game night for a group of close friends, and a regular Dresden Files RPG game, as well as playing online or at my FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) when the opportunity arises. 

Recommended Links

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RPGGamerDad - RPGGamerDad produces (and edits, and adds sound effects, etc) a weekly podcast revolving around gaming, especially with his family. The quality of the podcast itself is immense, definitely worth a look if you're interested in gaming with children, old school RPGs and boardgames, interviews with gaming creators, and live plays with the RPGGamerFamily and others.

Then All Of A Sudden - Then All Of A Sudden, written by RPGGamerMum, features stories and story ideas, as well as book reviews and literature blurbs. Really good read, especially if you enjoy medieval/old literature or you're looking for some inspiration for your medieval fantasy game.

Hanjipan Designs - An independent online toy company run by my wife Hannah, Hanjipan Designs has all sorts of cute plush teddies, accessories and other sundries, with regular site updates. If you're searching for handcrafted toys made with love, take a look.


If you want to contact me about any freelancing opportunities, have any complaints or suggestions about anything you see on Too Many Dice, or if you want your site on the recommended links sections, be sure to contact me, either using the contact form below, or through my email. I'm also on social media to a certain extent and I'm happy to chat or answer any questions you might have.

Twitter: @cityofsteelpod