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The Adventurer's Journal: The Thunder Company

Who Are The Thunder Company?

Formed in the Sword Coast, the Thunder Company are relatively new to adventuring and working as a team, having only completed a handful of jobs before their story truly begins in Daggerford...

Abel Imrodel - Half-Elven Fighter

Born and raised in Suzail, the capital of Cormyr, Abel Imrodel had an uneventful childhood, raised by middle-class parents - an elf and a human - before deciding to join the Purple Dragons after reaching her majority. Abel's unusual purple-hued eyes gained the attention of a superior officer, Ornrion Daeon Obarskyr, and after completing her six-month training, was taken aside for a special assignment. Whilst her classmates went on to serve on border patrols or as city guards, Abel was told she must seek out the Purple Dragon by Daeon, though she has yet to discover what - or who - the Purple Dragon is. Leaving Cormyr behind, until at least she has completed her mission, Abel headed to the Sword Coast.

Brynn Forgeheart - Dwarven Cleric

One half of a pair of twins born - thanks to the Thunder Blessing - to the Forgeheart Clan of Giant's Run Mountains, Brynn trained under the wise masters of the forge, dedicating his craft to his worship of Moradin, but grew ever more dissatisfied with the arrogant conservativism of the Gold Dwarves. After his mentor passed away, Brynn left his mountain home to see the world and learn more of his craft, eventually working his way to the Sword Coast as a journeyman blacksmith.

Darastrix - Lizardfolk Ranger

Going by Dragon in softskin lands, Darastrix was born, along with a pair of Blackscales - believed to be a gift in preparation of war - clutchmates, to a tribe of Lizardfolk in the Lizard Marsh. Due to become the next Sharum'Ka ("First Warrior"), Darastrix trained tirelessly under his mentor, but talk amongst the tribe turned to war. After the Sharum'Ka and other peace-seeking clutchmates were murdered, he fled, stealing the Sharum'Ka's token of office - the bonehilt - and headed into softskin lands in the hopes of finding allies to stop the Blackscales before they led his tribe into a war they would surely lose.

Emerald River - Tabaxi Monk

River is a stranger to the continent of Faerûn, her unusual appearance as a Tabaxi setting her apart from other humanoids. Born to the Snoring Mountain tribe in the jungles of Maztica, River lost her parents in a freak accident, and was taken in by a group known as the Order of the Obsidian Fist. Stifled by the ordered and tradition-bound life of the monks, River left the temple once she reached her maturity, taking ship east across the Sea of Swords to Faerûn, promising herself that she'd return to homeland once she'd seen all that the lands of the east had to offer.

Gomak Arnag - Hall-Orc Barbarian

Before he took to the high seas aboard a merchant galleon, Gomak lived amongst his tribe, a band of Orcs inhabiting the wilds near the Sea of Fallen Stars. Dissatisfied with a life of raiding, Gomak headed west, eventually finding work as a sailor. Unfortunately, Gomak's ship eventually came to the attention of ruthless pirates - most likely operating from Luskan - and despite putting up a good fight, Gomak awoke on the shores of the Sword Coast near Waterdeep, with no memory how he got there. 

Kallanaar - Drow Bard

Born houseless in the Drow city of Menzoberranzan, Kal might have been fated to live a life of obscurity, were it not for his silver tongue and boundless ambition. Hearing stories of Bregan D'aerthe's prowess, but having little skill with which to impress their representatives in the city, Kal ventured to the surface, hoping to hone his magic and gain more combat and arcane experience. Kal's journey had a second objective, to find the Drow Jarlaxle - and in the process demonstrate his talents, for Jarlaxle has as difficult to pin down as a ghost in recent years - and perhaps convince him to offer Kal a job within Bregan D'aerthe directly. 

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