Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Adventurer's Journal #3

Death From Above
Warning: The following entry contains some potential spoilers for Storm King's Thunder, read at your own risk.

Previously on the Coming Storm...

1 Mirtul, 1490 DR (The Year of the Star Walker's Return)

With mere seconds to spare until a giant boulder hits Daggerford, after being thrown from a Cloud Giant castle above the town, the Thunder Company, along with Glorindel and even a handful of the Swamp Snakes, managed to get the majority of citizens out of the path of the incoming missile. Unfortunately, a handful citizens within the Lady Luck Tavern, which is struck by the brunt of the boulder's impact, destroying much of the ground floor and leaving the upper floor very unstable. With a fire breaking out in the ground floor, the Thunder Company hurry to rescue any survivors, managing to pull three unfortunate souls from the wreckage before the building collapsed completely.


With the chaos in the marketplace temporarily abated, the Thunder Company looked for their ally, Mapp Dunnfoot, before discovering that the halfling had taken the profits from The Gauntlets - along with the party's potential winnings - and had made a run for it, taking a swift horse north out of the Farmer's Gate. With their time in Daggerford coming to an end - at least, for now - the party made arrangements with the priest of Morninglow Tower to collect Deggin, the orphan discovered in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Daggerford, from Argyn Brightshield's farmstead, agreeing to escort Halley, an acolyte of Lathander, to Brightshield Farm
On the edges of Brightshield Farm, the party spot a scavenging Worg, and attack, hoping to get the drop on it, discovering too late that it was a ruse and they were in fact being ambushed by two other Worgs. A vicious fight between the Thunder Company and three Worgs ensues, with several members of the company being savaged to the point of unconsciousness and being saved by Acolyte Halley. Eventually, the company prevailed, and made a point to skin the beasts and trade them with Argyn so they could claim the bounty on Worgs in the region. With Acolyte Halley and Argyn happy to venture to town the following day, the party continued north, following Mapp's trail to the Trade Way, and then on to Nightstone.
As they explored Nightstone, dispatching a pair of Worgs and a small troop of goblins, the Thunder Company discovered further evidence of Cloud Giant aggression, the town bombarded with boulders that killed several citizens, the rest presumably having fled. This was further confirmed when the party found an individual, Kella Darkhope, still hiding in the ruins of Nightstone's inn, claiming to be a simple traveller who had been knocked unconscious in the bombardment and then trapped when the goblins invaded the village. The party didn't believe Kella, and captured her, eventually discovering that the simple traveller was in fact a Zhentarim agent, and was awaiting another team to back her up. With Kella tied up, the party raised the village's drawbridge and continued to explore the town, befriending a Tressym called Rillix whose human family had died in the bombardment, before planning to explore the castle south of the village.

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