Thursday, 16 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: A Wizard's Bookshelf

This week's public-release is A Wizard's Bookshelf, a collection of interesting or useful tomes that you can liberally spread throughout an arcane library your PCs might be thinking of looting. This one was a hoot to write (Heh, hehe, "hoot", get it? Oh, it'll make sense when you read the thing. Read the thing. ), so if you folks like it, I'll probably expand the Bookshelf at a later date.

Practical Magic tomes concern themselves with the practice and proliferation of magic, this tome's might contain a spell-like effect, provide intimate knowledge of a spell or allow an unpractised spellcaster to cast a new spell or spell-like effect.
Tomes of Lore and Yore contain esoteric or ancient knowledge, enabling the reader to access information previously hidden from them, or approach a problem from a new angle.
Wizarding DIY tomes provide instruction to the would-be crafting wizard, sometimes providing inspiration, other times instructions and schematics for a bevy of projects.
Theoretical Thaumaturgy works discuss the underlying theories of magic and the way the world functions, potentially changing an entire approach to spellcasting, or opening a new avenue of research.

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