Thursday, 9 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Ruins (Revisited)

This week I fancied tackling ruins, in anticipation of my players visiting the Sword Coast and sampling the complex history of Faerun in the near future. The last time I touched on ruins, I made a generator to give an idea of what kind of sensations the PCs might encounter within ruins, the historical significance of those ruins, and what kind of conflicts they might experience.

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This time around, I thought I'd use that table as inspiration and create some more specific ruins for you to guide your players through, eight unique ruins based in the Forgotten Realms, but easily translatable to any setting.

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There you have it. I'm thinking about selecting one of these ruins to focus on in a future article and go into further depth with lore, dungeon design and creative encounters. Which one would you like to see?

If you prefer, you can access the first table on google sheets here, and the unique ruins table here.

Safe travels and happy gaming!

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