Thursday, 23 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Holidays (Revisited)

This week, I thought I might revisit the Holidays Toolkit, where I provided a table to inspire you to create holidays and celebratory days for your campaign setting. Holidays provide insight for your players as they discover new aspect of culture and personality of the setting, as well as helping to spice up an otherwise potentially-dull settlement.

To jog your memories, here's the original table. Origins gives you an idea about where or how the holiday began, Purpose discusses the potential meaning of the holiday now, and Focus suggests the main attraction of this event. If you're looking to create your own holiday for your campaign setting, these three prompts should give you the basis to get started.
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This week for your bonus content, I've made a half-dozen holiday events you could easily add into your campaign setting with relative ease, just adding in a few setting-specific details where necessary. Hopefully these festivals will help you add some colour into the next settlement your PCs traipse into. Enjoy and I'll be back next week with the public release of the Resistance Toolkit, and the Patreon early-release of the Neverwhere: Traversing the Far Realm Toolkit.

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