Sunday, 26 February 2017

City of Steel: Episode 21 - The Naughty List, Part Six - "The Gift"

With Eira and George temporarily at a loss for how to find Tarquin Xandor - leader of the Cabinet Operatives - and Valko and Rupert having dealt Terrence Molvard and his Black Court vampires a temporary blow, the crew meet at a pub where a would-be enemy makes a peace offering. But can the Steel City investigators trust this gift? 

The City of Steel Podcasting Team are:

Jay as The Narrator

Hannah as George Riley, Psychic Investigator

Ally as Eira Eriksson, Knight of the Winter King

Llewelyn as Valko Nikolov, Fugitive Luxomancer

Oliver as Rupert Sewell, Police Sergeant

Tom as Parzival Acker, Modern Day Knight

The Dresden Files RPG is the property of Evil Hat Productions LLC, sound effects were sourced at and are attributed below, all other materials are the work of Jay Draper and the City of Steel podcasting team, and are under the Creative Commons Atttribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Quiet Bar.wav by alexftw123Plate Scraping.mp3 by antwashCoins on Table B.wav by lmbubecWalking On A Wooden Floor by ralphwhiteheadb15.mp3 by danarobinsondesignsgmailcomCar interior by KukensiusBig Crash by PatrickLieberkindBang_001.mp3 by cydonPoof of Smoke by Planmancar door slam by theshaggyfreakclosing door.wav by WrylytuckerFilling a thermos with water by Jagadamba,  smartphone typing .wav by mariamdm8text_message.mp3 by pj123pjBits & Bytes.wav by Tempousertelephone.mp3 by WerraUK Dialing "Ringing" Tone by AdamWeedenCar Ignition, Exterior, A.wav by InspectorJ08_Renault_duster_Trunk_close_open.wav by semenov_nicktiza.mp3 by richymelCrystalSwoop.wav by MrLindstrom#3 Hard Poke.wav by LittleLuigiwoosh.wav by freakinbehemoth003.wav by gevaroyDoor kick.wav by goose_bumpsKickDoorOpen.mp3 by Yap_Audio_Production

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