Monday, 1 May 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Neverwhere, Traversing the Far Realm

This week's public release is Neverwhere - Traversing the Far Realm, a table of interesting locations for your Far Realm-delving PCs to discover (and try to survive!).

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You can also find the table on Google Sheets here:

Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Adventurer's Journal #3

Death From Above
Warning: The following entry contains some potential spoilers for Storm King's Thunder, read at your own risk.

Previously on the Coming Storm...

1 Mirtul, 1490 DR (The Year of the Star Walker's Return)

With mere seconds to spare until a giant boulder hits Daggerford, after being thrown from a Cloud Giant castle above the town, the Thunder Company, along with Glorindel and even a handful of the Swamp Snakes, managed to get the majority of citizens out of the path of the incoming missile. Unfortunately, a handful citizens within the Lady Luck Tavern, which is struck by the brunt of the boulder's impact, destroying much of the ground floor and leaving the upper floor very unstable. With a fire breaking out in the ground floor, the Thunder Company hurry to rescue any survivors, managing to pull three unfortunate souls from the wreckage before the building collapsed completely.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Mordenkainen's Capacious Cabinet of Captivating Curios

This week's public-release is Mordenkainen's Capacious Cabinet of Captivating Curios, a table of 12 interesting new magic items to add to your treasure hoard. 

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Pets (Revisited)

This week, I want to come back to pets, an often-overlooked opportunity for roleplay and exploration in RPGs. The type of pets our characters might adopt, or how they care for them can say a lot about the characters themselves, and can create additional depth in the story. I want to come back to pets and animal companions in a couple of weeks - since it's a good topic to revisit, and I reckon I can branch out in some interesting directions - but for now, I'm thinking about giving pets a personality.


Monday, 3 April 2017

The Adventurer's Journal #2

Conquering The Gauntlet

Greengrass, 1490 DR (The Year of the Star Walker's Return)

With a third place win securing the Thunder Company an early headstart in the Gauntlet, Kal pressed Mapp Dunnfoot for more information about the next challenge, the halfling promoter sliding him a slip of paper with details of Tuns of Fun, giving the party time to prepare and select the most appropriate champion. With a few hours to spare, Dragon, Brynn, River and Kal ventured out of the Farmer's Gate to the hamlets and farmsteads beyond Daggerford, in the hopes of tracking down the Worgs that had been harassing local farmers. Meanwhile, Abel and Gomak explored the Marketplace, until a half-dozen burly street thug-types confonted them, requesting they join their master - The Snail - for a brief meeting.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Adventurer's Journal: The Thunder Company

Who Are The Thunder Company?

Formed in the Sword Coast, the Thunder Company are relatively new to adventuring and working as a team, having only completed a handful of jobs before their story truly begins in Daggerford...

Friday, 31 March 2017

The Adventurer's Journal #1

Coming to Daggerford

30 Tarsahk, 1490 DR (The Year of the Star Walker's Return)

After wintering in Baldur's Gate, the Thunder Company found work as guards, working for Mapp Dunnfoot - a halfling promoter, investor and brewery-owner - as a team of wagons made their way north to Waterdeep, making a stop at Daggerford along the way for the First Annual Daggerford Ale Festival. After arriving in town and helping Mapp set up his stall in preperation for the festival's opening the following day, the party explored Daggerford, discovering Mapp was working with the River Shining and Happy Cow Taverns to run The Gauntlet, a three-day competition with a hardcoin prize for the winner. Posters around town beseeched anyone with knowledge that could lead to the capture of the Sword Coast Killer to contact the local guard-force, or the Waterdeep City Watch.

Original image Cardiff - Castle Gate by Chrystian Cruz

Thursday, 30 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Resistance

This week's public-release is Resistance, a collection of adventure hooks you can build a campaign around, or use as inspiration to expand your own campaign. Enjoy!

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You can also find the table on Google Sheets here:

Sunday, 26 March 2017

City of Steel: Episode 25 - The Naughty List, Part Ten - "Shadows"

After interrogating the Necromancer and discovering the Winter King's Spear is due to be auctioned at Renishaw Hall later that night, the team try to infiltrate the stately home, but will Tarquin Xandor's forces manage to stop them before its too late?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Holidays (Revisited)

This week, I thought I might revisit the Holidays Toolkit, where I provided a table to inspire you to create holidays and celebratory days for your campaign setting. Holidays provide insight for your players as they discover new aspect of culture and personality of the setting, as well as helping to spice up an otherwise potentially-dull settlement.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

City of Steel: Episode 24 - The Naughty List, Part Nine - "Point Of Entry"

After ambushing and kidnapping a Necromancer seemingly allied with the Cabinet and their operatives, Eira and Valko try to find out what this Lawbreaker knows, and what Tarquin Xandor is planning to do with the Winter King's Spear.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: A Wizard's Bookshelf

This week's public-release is A Wizard's Bookshelf, a collection of interesting or useful tomes that you can liberally spread throughout an arcane library your PCs might be thinking of looting. This one was a hoot to write (Heh, hehe, "hoot", get it? Oh, it'll make sense when you read the thing. Read the thing. ), so if you folks like it, I'll probably expand the Bookshelf at a later date.

Practical Magic tomes concern themselves with the practice and proliferation of magic, this tome's might contain a spell-like effect, provide intimate knowledge of a spell or allow an unpractised spellcaster to cast a new spell or spell-like effect.
Tomes of Lore and Yore contain esoteric or ancient knowledge, enabling the reader to access information previously hidden from them, or approach a problem from a new angle.
Wizarding DIY tomes provide instruction to the would-be crafting wizard, sometimes providing inspiration, other times instructions and schematics for a bevy of projects.
Theoretical Thaumaturgy works discuss the underlying theories of magic and the way the world functions, potentially changing an entire approach to spellcasting, or opening a new avenue of research.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

City of Steel: Episode 23 - The Naughty List, Part Eight - "The Rendezvous"

Following a brief but brutal confrontation with the four Cabinet operatives sent to surveil the quiet house, Eira and Valko discover a potential lead on the Winter King's Spear and Tarquin Xandor, and venture out to find Asset Grey.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Ruins (Revisited)

This week I fancied tackling ruins, in anticipation of my players visiting the Sword Coast and sampling the complex history of Faerun in the near future. The last time I touched on ruins, I made a generator to give an idea of what kind of sensations the PCs might encounter within ruins, the historical significance of those ruins, and what kind of conflicts they might experience.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

City of Steel: Episode 22 - The Naughty List, Part Seven - "A Quiet House"

After receiving a peace offering in the form of an address linked to Tarquin Xandor, and discovering the house is abandoned and being surveilled by Cabinet operatives, the investigators decide to take the bait and investigate the empty house. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

City of Steel: Episode 21 - The Naughty List, Part Six - "The Gift"

With Eira and George temporarily at a loss for how to find Tarquin Xandor - leader of the Cabinet Operatives - and Valko and Rupert having dealt Terrence Molvard and his Black Court vampires a temporary blow, the crew meet at a pub where a would-be enemy makes a peace offering. But can the Steel City investigators trust this gift? 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Interesting Treasures (Revisited)

A couple of weeks ago at our weekly D&D night, we (alright, mostly me) made the mistake of picking a fight with an Ancient White Dragon despite only being tenth level. Hopelessly surpassed by the Dragon, we kinda expected that most, if not all, of the adventurers would be taken out, potentially marking an end to our campaign. Instead, through a series of lucky rolls (and judicious use of the Blink spell) we emerged victorious, a dead Ancient Dragon and its hoard left to the mercy of a group of very light-fingered adventurers. We shoved as much loot as we could into our Bag of Holding and skedaddled. Now we've got 50,000 gold pieces each, but with a castle already paid for, we're left with a bit of a fix. You see, coin is little more than a means to an end in D&D, and its not especially intrinsically entertaining. Gold is boring, basically. Let's fix that.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The GM's Toolkit: Hirelings (Revisited)

So, a bit of an announcement:

The Toolkit's making a comeback(!!!), starting today. Every two weeks I'll be revisiting and editing one of the Toolkit articles previously released through the Mad Adventurers Society, making changes as and where they need them. On the other two weeks of the month, I'll be creating brand-new Toolkits on my shiny new Patreon account for backers, with the intention of making more new Toolkits for free on my site as time allows (but since editing and refreshing old Toolkits takes time and they won't be available on Mad Adventurers for much longer, I figured I'd be better off starting there).

Anyway, without further ado...