Friday, 21 October 2016

City of Steel: Episode 12 - The Thompson Affair, Part Twelve

In Episode Twelve, we meet with Doctor Vivienne Troya and discover that there is something insidious about her plans for Keandra and Boneblight. When fists start flying, things go awry quickly. 

The City of Steel Podcasting Team are:

Jay as The Narrator

Hannah as George Riley, Psychic Investigator

Ally as Eira Eriksson, Knight of the Winter King

Llewelyn as Valko Nikolov, Fugitive Luxomancer

Oliver as Rupert Sewell, Police Sergeant

Tom as Parzival Acker, Modern Day Knight

The Dresden Files RPG is the property of Evil Hat Productions LLC, sound effects were sourced at and are attributed below, all other materials are the work of Jay Draper and the City of Steel podcasting team, and are under the Creative Commons Atttribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Bonfire Being Lit by samararaineMonster Long Roar 1.wav by ecfikehuman male scream small group torture panic.mp3 by JohnsonBrandEditingCrying Male by aslamshoevGroup walking in auditorium.wav by MentalSanityOff,  footsteps rug by Yuvalwind_gust.aif by joseph.larraldemale_grunt.aif by snaginnebWoosh Noise 1.wav by potentjelloMelee Weapon hit with male moan & body fall by Paul368Cough cough by 1980supraCar_Door-open-close.aif by nmscherCar_StartDriveAway.aif by kbnevelCarArriveAndStop.wav by jmdhFootsteps, Concrete, A.wav by InspectorJDoor knocking (Angry).wav by MacifOpen Door #1 by BenagainRunning across hard floor or corridor by wibwobDoor Slam.MP3 by FunWithSoundunsheath_sword.wav by Qatpouring_wine.aif by Heigh-hooSetting Glass Down.wav by Kane53126Türschließen.wav by schroedelheavy barefoot on wood_bip.wav by muses212Creepy_Loop_SoundSmith.wav by LunardriveAngry Grunt by RocotilosDouble Whoosh by qubodupBoom.wav by Redbulldog98Ice cracking by timbreknightBasic Fire Whoosh 2 by Niedecburning air by sergeeoMagic Smite.wav by spookymodemAxe Slash 1 by smokebomb99thud.wav by OtisJamessoft grunt.wav by ReitannaProtego.mp3 by joe93barlowPunch_02.wav by thefsoundmanrough grunt.wav by ReitannaUnzipping Bag.aif by ftpalad

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