Friday, 30 September 2016

City of Steel: Episode 09 - The Thompson Affair, Part Nine

Episode Nine of the City of Steel podcast gets explosive, as the investigators find out that they're not the only people with a keen interest in finding Keandra.

The City of Steel Podcasting Team are:

Jay as The Narrator

Hannah as George Riley, Psychic Investigator

Ally as Eira Eriksson, Knight of the Winter King

Llewelyn as Valko Nikolov, Fugitive Luxomancer

Oliver as Rupert Sewell, Police Sergeant

Tom as Parzival Acker, Modern Day Knight

The Dresden Files RPG is the property of Evil Hat Productions LLC, sound effects were sourced at and are attributed below, all other materials are the work of Jay Draper and the City of Steel podcasting team, and are under the Creative Commons Atttribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Office_printer_printing.aif by vrodgeFemale scream 02 by missozzycupboard_open_closing.wav by j1987,  Cajones.wav by nmarciniegasmSharpie marker drawing circle 01.wav by elliottmooBubbles by ElectroviolenceWine glass hum by omnomducks086 Choir Aahs 1_c33f7f7f.wav by elnaturelDoor open.wav by RydingRUNNING 1.wav by vmgrawhondaaccordbildører90noe.wav by AbyssmalEpic whoosh.wav by EcoDTRRUNNING 2.wav by vmgrawBreathless Panting_2 by Drkvixn91heartbeateffect.wav by smmassudaLatch_01.wav by Q.K.Latch_02.wav by Q.K.Whosh - Reversed/Reverbed breath by PrdiChlpStairs.wav by LukeUPFhuman grunts 2 by HalgrimmStick Snap 1.wav by worthahep88burst2.wav by ReadeOnlywind3.wav by eliasheuninckmale_grunt.aif by snaginnebslashkut.wav by Abyssmalheavy grunt.wav by ReitannaStrange teleport sound by CyberkineticfilmsFootsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Jumping.wav by MentalSanityOffStumble and Fall.wav by danhelblingsoft grunt.wav by ReitannaCardboard Box Drop.wav by VSokorelosMachine gun firing (blanks. In studio shoot).wav by SpankousGlass Smash.wav by chewiesmissusBottle Smash.aif by MegaPenguin13Reverse Mapex Ride.mp3 by MarcusGraham325,  Swoosh 3 by ElectroviolenceHitting Wall.wav by spookymodemWhat is that.wav by carmsieBody fall 2.wav by Adam_Ntwig snap classic.wav by martianOpening_Car_Trunk.wav by vcspranZip Opening by paulocoronaRem 870 Pump 2.mp3 by Pjkasinski3Unrelenting Shotgun by KodackFire Spell 01.wav by DiscoveryMEBloody Blade 2.wav by Kreastricon62Car_StartDriveAway.aif by kbnevelKnife Swish 1.wav by jawbutchcar-leave-4.wav by csproductionsTires Squeaking.aif by RutgerMullerClank Car Crash Collision by qubodupCrunch by wubitogShriek male by jorickhoofdHandbrake.wav by ninebilly

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