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City of Steel: An Introduction

You might have noticed that changes, albeit small and incremental, have begun to happen at Too Many Dice, things are afoot...things, and stuff.

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Earlier this summer, after giving it no small amount of thought, a handful of friends and I decided to embark on a Dresden Files RPG campaign, and somewhere along the line, I got the idea into my head to turn this into a podcast, so I could share my excitement about the campaign and for RPGs in general, with my followers on Twitter, and friends outside my usual gaming group stable. As part of the campaign creation process, my players and myself discussed what kind of image we wanted to establish of our home city, Sheffield. This image of the post-industrial, divided city would set the stage for our podcasted campaign, City of Steel. 

Beginning this week, what I hope to do in this particular segment is to shine a light on the city, some of the concepts within the podcast, and interesting little details about the city and the setting.

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"The shelving, slimy River Dun (Don),
each year a daughter or a son."

What is City of Steel?

City of Steel is a Dresden Files RPG campaign that takes place in a fictitious version of Sheffield, a post-industrial city in the North of England. That's the simple answer, ready for the longer answer? 

City of Steel is a campaign that follows the exploits of an unlikely group of allies as they right wrongs, fight bad guys, solve mysteries and generally cause an acceptable level of mayhem as they use their unusual powers and abilities against the encroaching darkness that threatens to consume the city they have made their home. 

City of Steel is also the tangled web of power struggles, misinformation, corruption and internal division that taints both the supernatural and mundane facets of life in the city, from the Fae that live in urban decay or pockets of natural beauty, to the feuding vampire courts, as well as dozens of minor powers from across the world, brought into the city through the beliefs of many cultures that have migrated into the city of sanctuary. 

City of Steel is the machinations of the Inner Cabinet, a shadowy group of politicians, corporate spokespeople, aristocrats and masterminds, who guide the growth and decline of the city, steering local policy, trade agreements and the flow of money to serve their own interests. City of Steel is embodied in the poor that have been brushed aside by the wealthy and the powerful, who are now beginning to raise their voices in protest.

City of Steel is a story, a narrative guided by the imaginations of my players and I, and we hope you'll join us for the ride.

Each week, along with an episode of our actual play (slash radio drama) podcast, I'll be including fact file entries about the city, the characters and some of the inspiration behind the supernatural elements of the story.

Stay tuned for episode three (out tomorrow!) and a fact-file post later in the week, and don't be shy, add us on Twitter @cityofsteelpod, Like us on Facebook, or let us know how to make your stay more enjoyable in the comments below!


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