Friday, 5 August 2016

City of Steel: Episode 01 - The Thompson Affair, Part One

The Nonconformist Chapel, Sheffield General Cemetery © Copyright David Rogers and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.
The Nonconformist Chapel, Sheffield General Cemetery © Copyright David Rogers and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
The debut episode of the City of Steel podcast, in this episode we have brief introduction to our heroes, and discover that Keandra Thompson has a serious problem.


Jay narrates and serves as the game master for the game, the rest of the cast roles are as follows:

Hannah - George Riley, Psychic Investigator

Ally - Eira Eriksson, Knight of the Winter King

Llewelyn - Valko Nikolov, Fugitive Luxomancer

Oliver - Rupert Sewell, Police Sergeant

Tom - Parzival Acker, Modern Day Knight

The Dresden Files RPG is the property of Evil Hat Productions LLC, sound effects were sourced at and are attributed below, all other materials are the work of Jay Draper and the City of Steel podcasting team, and are under the Creative Commons Atttribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

front door open.wav by THE_bizniss
Door knocking (Angry).wav by Macif
outgoing ring.wav by NoiseCollector
Pour Hot Water In Cup by PhilllChabbb
stiring coffee.wav by squashy555
Glas_Window_Drop_Slices_On_Floor_01.clip.wav by TheSoundcatcher
People (talking).wav by ZyryTSounds
Knock_on_door.wav by Philip_Daniels
heartbeats.aif by patobottos
Kicking/Forcing/Breaking Wooden Door by qubodup
wind howl.mp3 by swiftoid
Car Arriving by bone666138
car door slam by theshaggyfreak
car-leave-3.wav by csproductions
Typing_Smartphone_24bit_96kHz_BWF_Mono.wav by Schacht
Door Low Closing .wav by RutgerMuller
Car Ignition Key - Engine Starting Running 3.wav by RutgerMuller
tannoy announcement jingle.wav by 7by7
Supermarket Checkout Line by ianslattery
CAR-IGNITION, Volkswagen Golf GLE 1.8 1992 Automatic, turning engine on-0001.wav by JoniHeinonen
automatic_door.wav by ACorcuera
PCGlitch.wav by Hotlavaman
Electric09.wav by LG
Magic Smite.wav by spookymodem
Smok'n.wav by M-RED
human male scream small group torture panic.mp3 by JohnsonBrandEditing
Chev 350 failed start.wav by lonemonk
Spell_04.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory
Car Crash_EXT.wav by PauliusI
car_driving_ford_ka.mp3 by geodylabs
Car_Stop_Breaks_Screech_Engine-Rev_by-monnie101.mp4.WAV by monnie101
shotgun.wav by Marregheriti
Hitting Wall.wav by spookymodem
sword-01.wav by audione
gundropped.wav by j1987
CP_Whipping_Wind_Storm_Thin.aif by stewdio2003
KnifeDraw_001.wav by JakeEwings
Car Door Handle.wav by RutgerMuller
Magic sound 7.wav by Autistic Lucario
Patrick's Grunt.wav by AMVAclasssounds 
LowerGunCock.wav by woodmoose
Body Wall Impact.wav by jawbutch
RUNNING 2.wav by vmgraw
Grunt2.wav by Creeper_Ciller78
Bonfire Being Lit by samararaine

screaming_male_painIII.mp3 by GabrielaUPF

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