Thursday, 26 November 2015

RPG Hook #32

RPG Hook #32

The Pure are a sect of worshippers who follow the Healing God's teaching in the strictest manner possible, denying themselves any luxury and decrying those who partake in such inpurities. Chief amongst the Pure's myths and legends is their promised land, a land of incredible bounty set aside for them by the Healing God to escape the impure. The promised land was thought to be a fiction by most until recently, when the Pure's Archbishop found a map believed to lead there, hidden amongst his predecessor's journals. Before risking the lives of his followers, the Archbishop wishes to send adventurers in to determine what dangers lie on the trail to the promised land, offering what few treasures the Pure have in order to entice the party on this most glorious mission.

GM Tips

The journey to the promised land will take the PCs through strange lands devoid of civilisation, forcing them to learn how to survive on their own, whilst pitting them against strange beasts and alien plant life. Do spells work differently in this promised land? What about the PCs connection to their own gods? Are the Pure the only ones looking for the promised land? Perhaps greedy individuals want it for themselves, or other religions believe it belongs to them? What if there's already someone there?

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