Wednesday, 25 November 2015

RPG Hook #31

RPG Hook #31

Priestess Cate Weaver believes that a local chapel, claiming to honour the gods of hearth and harvest, is in fact a front for a diabolist cult. With no clergy willing to shut down the seemingly-innocent chapel without evidence to support her belief, she turns to adventurers in the hopes that they might be able to infiltrate the chapel and discover the evidence she needs.

GM Tips

How will the adventurers gain access to the chapel? Do they plan to break in, sneak in or even pretend to be potential converts? Once they're inside the chapel, what risks will they have to face as they hunt for diabolic evidence before they're removed or the evidence destroyed, what traps and foes await them? Is the Priestess withholding information, could this all be a ruse to discredit the chapel and the adventurers whilst the Priestess runs her own cult?

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