Wednesday, 25 November 2015

RPG Hook #30

RPG Hook #30

A secret society is flourishing in the upper echelons of the nation, with magistrates, generals and nobility amongst the members. Centred around the worship of "Toros, the Bull God", the society (named the Horned Shrine) applauds the acquisition of wealth and displays of power, and seems to be exerting its influence in society at large. The Royal Chancellor, allegedly acting on behalf of the King and Queen) wants the Horned Shrine broken before it gains too much power and becomes a threat to the throne.

GM Tips

Who is the Bull God? Baphomet or Mephistopheles would be apt choices, or perhaps even Tiamat. Who is the Chancellor working for and how does the disruption of the Horned Shrine benefit him? How do the PCs plan on disrupting the secret society's influence?

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