Monday, 23 November 2015

RPG Hook #29

RPG Hook #29

The Cathedral Atop The Mountain was once the bright centre of worship in the region, but centuries of war and neglect have left it in ruins, with undead and other horrors roaming within it's walls. Eager to recapture the glory of previous centuries, the archbishop has offered a sizable reward to any group able to clear the monsters from within the ruined cathedral and re-consecrate the holy ground. 

GM Tips

How do the PCs plan to reach the cathedral, and what threats might lie along the way? What can the PCs learn about the manner of calamity that befell the original temple? Is there an antagonist out there who wants to prevent the PCs in re-consecrating the grounds, and why? Perhaps some manner of powerful undead, a vampire or lich, has made their home within the cathedral and doesn't wish to removed. How deep will the PCs have to travel in order to purge any taint from the area.

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