Sunday, 22 November 2015

RPG Hook #28

RPG Hook #28

The marriage of Duchess Amarie and Duke Beorn promises to be the political and social event of the year, however the interference of Bishop Gelf could ruin the entire thing. Deeming the wedding sacrilegious because of Beorn's previous marriage, the Bishop has refused to perform the ceremony or allow any member of his clergy to be involved. Duchess Amarie has put the word out that she's looking for someone to convince the Bishop to ratify the marriage, or replace (violently, if necessary) the Bishop if no other option remains.

GM Tips

Perhaps the Bishop has ulterior (financial or political) motives for not allowing the marriage to proceed, or is simply strongly conservative. Either way, the PCs will have to work out how to negotiate, coerce or parley with the religious figurehead, perhaps providing him with something he wants more, such as a rare relic, or else figure out a way to remove him from office and get someone more agreeable into the role.

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