Saturday, 21 November 2015

RPG Hook #27

RPG Hook #27

The War God's temple is in disarray following the untimely death (some suspect foul play, others claim that thuribles explode all the time) of the former High Priest, Warrick Tenspur. Several different factions within the Temple have put forward their own potential candidates to fill the role, including the Knights of Bloodied Blades and their choice, Ascala Toromor, and the Silent Wardens who endorse Barstan of Highgreave. As the conflict between the factions begins to spill out into the area surrounding the main temple, the local government has put the call out for seasoned adventurers to maintain the peace and bring the factions under heel by helping them to select a new High Priest or Priestess.

GM Tips

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce some intrigue to a campaign, allowing the PCs to interact with the various factions, negotiating and bartering until a conclusion can be reached. When no other option is open, combat (whether initiated openly or stealthily) between the PCs and one or more of the factions can erupt, leaving the PCs to pick up the pieces and avoid further conflicts. 

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