Friday, 20 November 2015

RPG Hook #26

RPG Hook #26

Paladin Muriel, a devout follower of the Sun God, has spent much of her life singlemindedly searching for an important relic, one that she hopes will revitalise her temple, the Dawn Spear reputed to have belonged to the god itself. Having alienated herself from her order with her obsession, Muriel withdrew herself even deeper into the quest, disappearing in the eastern forests some time in the past few weeks. Concerned about the fate of their paladin, the Temple of the Sun God is offering a reward for information regarding Muriel or the Dawn Spear.

GM Tips

What caused Muriel's disappearance? Is she alive or dead? Did she find the Dawn Spear? Perhaps the Dawn Spear itself, or the tomb or temple containing it, prevents her from leaving the forest. Maybe some other party has captured the paladin in their attempt to find the Dawn Spear for themselves? 

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