Thursday, 19 November 2015

RPG Hook #26

RPG Hook #26

The clergy at Skald's Lantern, an abbey high in the northern mountains, are concerned. Every year the abbey serves as the first leg of a pilgrimage for would-be paladins, which eventually sees the hopeful knight-priests serve their vigil in the Chapel of Forgotten Heroes, a remote shrine surrounded on all sides by treacherous slopes and fell beasts. After waving off this years hopefuls, the abbey resumed its normal day-to-day running, only to discover that one of the group, Novitiate Alistair Wolfscarred, had been murdered and his body hidden (presumably in a hurry) in a well. Who murdered the Alistair, and do they plan a similar fate for the rest of the questing paladins?

GM Tips

I'd be tempted to increase the drama by suggesting that the remaining paladins are in a similar danger, presumably from someone either stalking the group or having disguised themselves to fit amongst them, perhaps using magic or a cunning disguise to take Alistair's place. What's their eventual goal? Maybe they just want revenge against the paladin order that organises this pilgrimage, they wish to desecrate the Chapel of Forgotten Heroes, or they just want to spread chaos and malice. Catching up to the paladins or tracking down the killer will involve navigating some treacherous terrain in a hurry, living off the land and defending against wild beasts and bandits, providing plenty of challenges whilst the PCs work toward their eventual goal.

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