Wednesday, 18 November 2015

RPG Hook #25

RPG Hook #25

The Ridgewood family have maintained a mausoleum in the mountains for countless generations, but in recent years the tomb has fallen into disrepair, with all manner of fell creatures making their lairs in its depths. With the recent death of the family patriarch, Lord Jonn Ridgewood, the remaining family members have put a call out for adventurers to clear out the tomb and put Lord Jonn to rest. What terrors await those who take on the job?

GM Tips

What terrors lie with the Ridgewood Tomb? Are there undead, perhaps one of the Ridgewood family members decided to extend their life unnaturally as a lich or vampire, ruling over their deceased family from beyond the grave? Perhaps Ridgewood arcanists, or local tomb-breakers, have used this secluded crypt to enact fell rituals and horrific sacrifices? Will the PCs keep their word, setting everything within the tomb to rights and leaving its treasure undisturbed, or will they give into temptation, potentially activating traps and releasing all manner of monsters from their containment?

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