Tuesday, 17 November 2015

RPG Hook #24

RPG Hook #24

The annual Candlemeet Festival, marking the change in the seasons, has come to the village of Highbridge. Whilst the villagers clean their homes and prepare small rafts to send candles and letters of prayers to the gods, Rosaline Thatcher, the local priestess is desperately searching for a prayer book that belonged to her predecessor. A rare tome not easily found outside major cities, the book is key to the Candlemeet ceremonies, and it's lack will leave the festival in disarray if a replacement cannot be found.

GM Tips

Where is the book? It might have been buried with the former local priest in his tomb, sold on by accident, or even destroyed or stolen by some malevolent individual with a stake in destabilising Highbridge. Perhaps the party can find clues suggesting its location, or else they might be forced to race to the nearest city in order to try and barter a copy from another source.

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