Monday, 16 November 2015

RPG Hook #23

RPG Hook #23

A controversial thesis by Galmain of Redgate has emerged, suggesting that the gods might not be the original creators of the universe. Passed between antitheist scholars and subversives, the thesis threatens to destabilise much of the temples' power in the region, and has been declared heretical by a number of ranking priests and priestesses. A reward has been posted for the capture of known "Illuminated Order" members and any remaining copies of Galmain's Heresy, as the thesis has come to be known by mainstream religious bodies.

GM Tips

How did Galmain discover these findings? Is he perhaps In league with aberrations like Mind Flayers or Aboleths, who claim knowledge of the godless eras before the dawn of civilisation? Or perhaps Galmain  is himself an aberration? Which side will the PCs take in the conflict, and how will that colour their interactions with religion in the future? 

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