Friday, 6 November 2015

RPG Hook #22

RPG Hook #22

The Moonfell Coven have a precious treasure they have kept secret for the last sixteen years, hiding it from the mainstream priesthoods and local nobility. Only the coven know that this treasure is, in fact, a child, prophecied to changed the world. Now that the child has come of age, the coven can no longer keep them, and must send the child to begin the journey, but alone the child is still vulnerable. Will the adventurers aid the coven in escorting the child on the first leg of their long journey?

GM Tips

The nature of this hook means it could stretch on as long as you want, whether a single adventure to escort the child to find a new bodyguard, or begin a new campaign where the adventurers follow this messianic individual on their journey. Perhaps temptation could come from factions opposed to the coven or the child, offering status or wealth in exchange for the PCs abandoning their quest. Perhaps the PCs might realise that the child has some darker purpose and they'll have to subvert or destroy them.

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