Thursday, 5 November 2015

RPG Hook #21

RPG Hook #21

The Rite of the Golden Orb must be performed once a decade in order to strengthen the magic of the Sun God's main temple, lest those clerics lose their divinely granted abilities. A great paladin is chosen for this quest, carrying a solid gold orb from the temple to the highest mountain peak in order to catch the sun's purest rays. This time, the paladin Garrick Stonespear was chosen, but since leaving the temple he, and the orb, have disappeared. Can the orb be recovered and the rite performed in time to maintain the Sun temple's power?

GM Tips

Has Garrick gone rogue, stealing the orb for himself? Perhaps he's been waylaid by bandits or other hazards, or some other organisation has managed to delay or stop him from performing the rite. The PCs might have to trek through dungeons, search the wildest parts of the world or fight against countless enemies, all bent on plunging the Sun temple into darkness.

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