Wednesday, 4 November 2015

RPG Hook #20

RPG Hook #20

A smaller monastic  sect of the War God's temple, the Children of Bloodied Steel, have established a fortress on the very outskirts of civilisation. Here they offer, to anyone willing to swear to honour the War God, the secrets of their unnatural talent with weapons. They claim that such talent comes from garnering a small sliver of the War God's essence into themselves, become partially divine. Many have come to the Children's monastery to be trained, but none so far have survived.

GM Tips

It would be fair to assume that any kind of power or skill increase will come at a cost, deciding what the cost of the Children of Bloodied Steel's secret training is will be the key to balancing risk vs reward. Perhaps they require a number of fears or tasks to be performed, or several demonstrations of skill. Perhaps the War God's main temple view these monks as heretical, and the training will come at the cost of being marked by the War God's followers as an abomination. The way to the monastery could be fraught with bandits or monsters - undisturbed by the monks, who see them as a useful additional challenge for would-be initiates. - or the ritual itself might be deadly, requiring feats of skilful combat or resourcefulness to survive.

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