Tuesday, 3 November 2015

RPG Hook #19

RPG Hook #19

The Festival of the Risen Queen, a feast day dating back centuries that celebrates a major Saint, is  occurring and the local temple is making the usual preparations. Food, spirits (luckily this isn't a dry festival) and entertainment have all been organised and are ready to go within the hour. However, an important figure leading the parade - the Risen Queen, played by Myrna Brookshield - has disappeared, and it will be a disaster if their place is empty. Can the adventurers find the missing parade-leader before it's time, or will they take their place if they cannot?

GM Tips

This is a hook with plenty of potential for whimsy, if that floats your boat. Perhaps the PCs will be led on a wild goose chase through town, finding Myrna blind-drunk and with no alternative other than for one of them to don the costume themselves. Or you could play it a little more serious, with a cult opposed to the festival having kidnapped Myrna in order to ruin the parade, and the PCs having to find the location of the cult quickly in order to perform a daring rescue.

What are RPG Hooks?

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