Monday, 2 November 2015

RPG Hook #18

RPG Hook #18

A preacher holds the town of Swain to her whim, using her natural gift for persuasion and coercion to convert townsfolk to her way of thinking. The preacher, known as Saint Acatha by her followers, is staunchly opposed to magic, declaring it a travesty against the laws of nature, and commands her congregation to bring any mages they find before her, to face the judgement of her merciless god. With hedge mages being burnt at the stake, priceless magical artefacts being destroyed and talk of a holy war, Acatha must be stopped.

GM Tips

This hook could be a simple set of encounters pitting the adventurers against Acatha and her army of cultists, but what about using the hook to explore the variety of beliefs within the religions of your campaign setting. Is Acatha a typical worshipper for the people of your world, or is she part of an outlier group? If a pitched battle is necessary to pacify the cutists, you can find some war or battle quests here. What other solutions might the players explore, blackmail, sabotage, honest debate? What is Acatha's ultimate reason for oppressing mages? Is she a true believer or using those beliefs to follow a personal grudge?

What are RPG Hooks?

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