Sunday, 1 November 2015

RPG Hook #17

RPG Hook #17

A friend of yours, Rikhord Valmont, is in prison after being implicated in an attempt to assassinate the Queen and her Court by detonating a powerful explosive in her throne room . The Queen's prosecutor has all manner of proof - documents, witnesses, material evidence - linking Valmont to the supposed assassination attempt. You're not convinced though. Even though Valmont has certainly been embroiled in controversy before, he's not a killer or a conspirator. He's managed to smuggle a few messages out from his cell, including one to you, pleading his innocence and claiming he's been set up. Will you help Rikhord Valmont before he finds his neck on the block?

GM Tips

Who could gain the most from capturing Rikhord Valmont? Whether or not Valmont is innocent is up to you, perhaps he's playing on the relationship he has with one of the PCs in order to escape, or he's genuinely desperate for help. Either way, if the PCs want to help Valmont, they'll either need to break him out of the Queen's prison, trade favours to secure his release, or find some exonerating evidence,  and confront the person that incriminated him in the first place. Depending on how they choose to free Valmont, this could be a short adventure or even an adventure path.

What are RPG Hooks?

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