Saturday, 24 October 2015

RPG Hook #9

RPG Hook #9

The citizens of Talla's Wharf have been behaving oddly of late. The tavern sits empty all night, the streets are clogged with litter, and other tasks throughout the town are abandoned as they slave day and night to construct some vast funeral pyre, large enough to burn hundreds, if not thousands. Those few that return from visiting the town say that the townsfolk are under some enchantment or curse, whilst the townsfolk themselves claim that a god has come to Talla's Wharf, and he's preparing them for ascension. Meanwhile, fell creatures appear on the outskirts of town, traders and drifters near Talla's Wharf are disappearing, and strange signs light the night sky above the settlement. Who has the town under their spell, and what are they planning to do?

GM Tips

Whether the 'god' controlling Talla's Wharf truly is a god, a potent spellcaster or some kind of aberration is entirely up to you, as are it's plans for the funeral pyre, perhaps it wants the townsfolk to kidnap folk from neighbouring towns to feed the fire, or to sacrifice the town itself for some nefarious ritual. This could work for a one-shot adventure, where the adventurers have to breach the town's defences and break the 'god's' hold on Talla's Wharf without harming the enchanted citizens, or it could be a slow-burning short campaign, where the strangeness grows and the PCs have to fit in whilst investigating the true cause of this odd behaviour.

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symatt said...

I like this one. Enough openings to take the players in any direction.