Friday, 23 October 2015

RPG Hook #8

RPG Hook #8

The hoard was lost, that's what they all said, to the ravages of time and consumed by the earth. Sure enough, for generations, the hoard of Farstan the Conqueror, collected through decades of pillage, was hidden with no clue as to where he might have buried it. Over time adventurers lost interest in the fabled hoard, dismissing it as a legend and a fancy of historians and would-be treasure hunters. Then Aisha Delbraith, a historian and arcanist of high repute, found a sign that Farstan's Hoard might truly exist, the first marker pointing the way to the treasure. "The path begins at the castle of seven towers, by the sign of the One-Handed God." Despite her best efforts to keep this discovery a secret, at least between her and the party of adventurers she had hired to find the the hoard, the secret is out. Now every adventurer between here and the sea is out hunting for the legendary cache of gold, relics and knowledge, including you.

GM Tips

This could be a hook for a short adventure series, or even an entire campaign, with each marker leading the party closer to the eventual treasure. The party might be the original adventuring party hired by Aisha, or perhaps by her rival historians, or they might have stumbled onto the rumours by happenstance. Either way, they'll be delving into long-forgotten ruins to search for clues, fighting against ancient guardians and competing with other experienced adventurers to find the treasure first. 

What are RPG Hooks?

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