Thursday, 22 October 2015

RPG Hook #7

RPG Hook #7

Mag of the Oak's arcane library was known to hold many wonders. Relics of lost ages, tomes of magic formulae, powerful artefacts and spell grimoires were contained within. Unfortunately such a cache of wealth, both of knowledge and material value, tempted many would-be thieves to try their luck to steal a piece of the library for their own profit. Most fall to one of Mag's many devious security measures, but the Black Wolf is not your average thief. After navigating through the library's arsenal of traps and guardians, the Black Wolf has taken dozens of dangerous magical creations, and is now using them indiscriminately to cause chaos in the region. The Black Wolf must be stopped before anarchy descends on the land, and the remaining magical relics returned to their rightful place.

GM Tips

This is a set up for a short episodic adventure path, sort of a monster-of-the-week format with each adventure centering around a decaying magic item, a situation to be resolved and an ongoing series of rewards from Mag or the local authorities. Get creative, these don't have to be standard magical items but might exude an ongoing magical effect. Imagine the effects of a forcecage spell that covers an entire settlement when the Black Wolf drops it in the centre of town, or a relic that warps the stone around it for miles, creating an ever-changing landscape of hazards.

What are RPG Hooks?

RPG Hooks are a daily series of adventure hooks and ideas for you to build an adventure or campaign around.

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