Wednesday, 21 October 2015

RPG Hook #6

RPG Hook #6

Neighbouring towns and farms have commented on weird goings-on in the town of Red Hook for weeks, mutilated livestock, arson attacks on outlying buildings, outbreaks of violence between citizens, and strange markings appearing on doors, windows and even painted on the side of the local chapel. When you arrive in Red Hook, the town is deserted, though evidence of this oddness still remains, there is no sign of some kind of mass murder or battle, or even a suggestion of a struggle. Food has been abandoned mid-meal, tools have been dropped halfway through a task, and other indications hint that the entire town simply disappeared in the middle of a normal day. Where are the citizens of Red Hook, and who engineered their disappearance?

GM Tips

This one is pretty much open for you to engineer whatever fits in best with your campaign, perhaps it was aliens or otherworldly beings that took the citizens of Red Hook for their own nefarious purposes. Perhaps an enchanter or conjurer's experiments caused the accidental disappearance, or they caused it as a means of some kind of revenge. 

What are RPG Hooks?

RPG Hooks are single-paragraph adventure or campaign ideas for you to use to build an adventure around, they'll be a daily staple of Too Many Dice so be sure to subscribe!

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