Tuesday, 20 October 2015

RPG Hook #5

RPG Hook #5

You've been in a hurry before, but never like this. It seemed simple enough, get the satchel to your contact and in return you'd be set with enough coin to last you a decade. All you had to do was get on the stagecoach and get to the next town over before the sun sets and your contact leaves. Simple, right? First you overslept and missed the stagecoach, getting to the stop in time to see it racing out of town. Then you found out there was a horse shortage in town, and no-one had one to loan. It's two hours till sunset now and the next town is a three hour walk away through a bleak bandit- and wyvern-infested wilderness. What do you do?

GM Tips

This hook is all about giving players the opportunity to engage in hijinks, to find unlikely forms of transport, extract favours from unlikely allies, or exploit strange opportunities. Get as offbeat as you can, there's plenty of opportunity for wacky fun if you let it happen.

What are RPG Hooks?

RPG Hooks are single-paragraph ideas for you to start or build an adventure around, there'll be a new RPG Hook every day at Too Many Dice, so stay tuned and subscribe!

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