Sunday, 18 October 2015

RPG Hook #3

RPG Hook #3

Lionel Reinhart is beloved by the people for his charm, his looks, his wealth, but most of all for his heroism. Today's the day, decided by the Queen and ratified by every Lord in the Kingdom, that a parade will be held annually in the honour. Everyone will be there. Except you. You don't like Lionel, and it's not because of his perfect teeth, his magnificent hair or the way he can look so at ease with a sword. It's not jealousy because you didn't care about the fame. It's not even about the money he's made from retelling the tales of his heroic deeds. It's because all the stuff that Lionel is really famous for, you did it, only he got out first and painted himself the hero. Today's the day, indeed it is. Today's the day that Lionel's parade comes through town, with himself at the head of it, and today's the day you get even. What do you do?

What are RPG Hooks?

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symatt said...

This is a strange hook. My PC wouldn't care to get revenge. He has the fame and fortune, makes him through target. Assassination and fear of usurping and so on.

Jay Draper said...

Aye, some hooks are going to to be more set ups for one-shot campaigns than hooks for existing PCs, going to try and get a mix of them so even if they're not all winners, there's something for everyone :)