Saturday, 17 October 2015

RPG Hook #2

RPG Hook #2

You wake up to find a note sitting in your hallway, addressed - in a shaky hand with spindly, spider-like handwriting - to you. "We're sorry," it says, "but there was no-one to accept the delivery of your parcel, so it will be returned to the sender." You don't recall hearing anyone knock. The parcel, you guess, must be a care package from your aunt, who is wont to send you all manner of treats and gifts, but won't be impressed if her gifts turn up back on her doorstep. The only chance of avoiding an awkward family argument - and a viciously worded letter from your aunt, she's deadly with a thesaurus - is to track down the courier and get that package back before they make it to your aunt's house. What do you do?

What are RPG Hooks?

RPG Hooks are single-paragraph ideas for you to start or build an adventure around, there'll be a new RPG Hook every day at Too Many Dice, so stay tuned and subscribe!

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