Saturday, 31 October 2015

RPG Hook #16

RPG Hook #16

The city of Stahlhart has suffered a series of horrific murders over the last four nights, each victim was horrifically disfigured and a message left at the crime scene, "They should have left me dead". The victims had no publicly-known connection, a magistrate, a sawbones, a butcher and a constable. Witnesses spotted a figure leaving the last crime scene, clad in tattered black robes and carrying a long-bladed hunter's knife. Who is the mysterious killer and how are they choosing their victims? Will the adventurers stop the killer before they strike again?

GM Tips

There's plenty of scope to make this hook your own. Is the killer a supernatural being, a wraith or other incorporeal undead, some humanoid monster concealing it's hideous appearance beneath black robes, or a regular humanoid with a taste for murder? How are the victims connected, perhaps they are part of some secret conspiracy, or were connected to the killer in some fashion? Do the adventurers discover the murders by accident, take it upon themselves to get involved, or get hired to investigate them? Perhaps they've received a warning they are to be the next victims, or have avoided an attempt on their lives already.

What are RPG Hooks?

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