Friday, 30 October 2015

RPG Hook #15

RPG Hook #15

We need to talk about Meggyn, you see, at first we all thought it was a fox or a wolf getting into the livestock barns. Then Joel the Blacksmith found her by the river, covered in blood up to her elbows. The priest thinks she's possessed, the doctor thinks she's mad, and the trapper thinks she's cursed with lycanthropy. We've locked her in the smithy attic, with the heaviest manacles we could find, but she's broken through one set already. I only hope we can work out what to do before she breaks free and hurts someone.

GM Tips

Meggyn's nature -whether she's a werewolf, possessed or something else entirely - is left up to you, but she should pose a serious threat to her rural home town, and it's up to the adventurers to discover what she is, how to cure or otherwise deal with her, and track her down if she breaks free.

What Are RPG Hooks?

RPG hooks are short, one-paragraph adventures ideas to spice up your game, a daily fixture of Too Many Dice.

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