Thursday, 29 October 2015

RPG Hook #14

RPG Hook #14

The town of Volamere has been wracked with bouts of uncontrollable sickness for several days, with many citizens suffering seizures, vomiting and more unsightly digestive complaints, gradually becoming weaker and weaker. Many Volamere settlers have seen cyst-like growths develop on their abdomens and backs, which swell at a prodigious rate until they reach the size of a pumpkin. When the pastor collapsed in the town square, his cysts burst, releasing a swarm of baby giant spiders that consumed his corpse, the town sent fast riders in all directions to find aid. Who implanted the citizens with these creatures, and how? Can someone discover a cure before the town births a giant nest of monstrous arachnids? 

GM Tips

Who or what caused this human infestation is entirely up to you, it could be that some gigantic mother spider has managed to hide itself within the town's water source and has laid eggs, or that spider eggs have been hidden in the town's food or water supply by a humanoid hand, as part of some kind of petty revenge, drow malice or religious mania. What about a cure? You'd be within your rights to rule that a spider infestation is not really a disease or a wound, and thus a lot of magical healing might be rendered useless, perhaps the party has to find some rare herb that will help the citizens' bodies reject the gestating spiders. In a particularly bleak setting, you might even decide that the infected citizens cannot be saved, and the party can only try to make sure the rest of the town doesn't succumb.

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