Tuesday, 27 October 2015

RPG Hook #12

RPG Hook #12

A queen, confronted with her own mortality, sought a powerful arcanist to magically prolong her life and ensure her an everlasting reign. Instead the arcanist used the queen's treasury to create a powerful curse that stole the life-force of the kingdom's citizens and condemned them to an eternity as mindless undead, bound to the will of the lich queen. Horrified, the queen commanded her subjects to bury themselves beneath the earth whilst she searched for a cure for their curse. Eventually tales of the kingdom of the dead became nothing more than horror stories to frighten small children. Then the dead began to rise...

GM Tips

The risen dead scenario offers the potential for new antagonists in the form of the lich queen and her army of undead, as well as others she might convert to her cause, vampires, wights, necromancers, etc. I kept the details of how to break the curse deliberately vague, but it could take the form of an artefact that needs to be destroyed, a ritual to be performed, or perhaps the arcanist who created the curse needs to be found in order to have him lift it. It might even be that there is no way to end the curse, and the lich queen has just decided to embrace her undeath and rule a new kingdom.

What are RPG Hooks?

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