Monday, 26 October 2015

RPG Hook #11

RPG Hook #11

Pleasant Valley, a large swathe of once-lush countryside containing a handful of rural settlements, has been experiencing some strange weather over the last few weeks. Jumping from extreme heat - hot enough to bake earth and dry up wells - to extreme cold - blighting crops and freezing livestock - and all weather in between, tropical storms, powerful gales, thick fogs, and so on. The changes first occurred daily, but have become increasingly more frequent lately, with new weather anomalies occurring every four hours or so. Who is meddling with the weather in Pleasant Valley, and can they be stopped before the towns of the valley perish?

GM Tips

There are two challenges at play with this scenario, finding the cause of the weather anomalies, and surviving the every-changing weather. Here's some thoughts on survival. As for the cause of the anomalies, the easiest explanation would be some kind of spellcasting experiment gone awry, a wizard attempting to control the weather with a spell or artefact, but what if the weather is symptomatic of a deeper sickness of the land, or some kind of divine portent? In order to randomly generate weather effects, every four hours roll a d20 against the first column of the Day to Remember table.

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