Sunday, 25 October 2015

RPG Hook #10

RPG Hook #10

Once a decade, adventurers, gladiators and knights from across the continent gather to compete for the prize of a lordly title bestowed by the royal family. The Trial of Lords, as the contest is known, takes place over seven days in a vast amphitheatre capable of seating the thousands of spectators, and throws the contestants into numerous challenges of combat, guile, knowledge and luck. Treachery is common, with contestants blackmailing others, sabotaging equipment, bribing referees and even stooping to murder to get ahead. Tomorrow the competition will begin, and you're among those who will risk life and limb in the coming days.

GM Tips

There are all sorts of opportunities to put your party through any challenges you can think of, mazes, pitched battles, one-on-one combats, and trials of skill. In order to maintain a level of tension, have NPCs put the PCs in threatening or compromising situations, set up antagonists who will make things difficult for the PCs and turn the Trial of Lords into an adventure or story rather than just an interconnected series of challenges.

Paul (@Spookshow71) suggested that other nations might secretly put together teams of expert adventurers and warriors, in the hopes of gaining a foothold of land and title, which could put an interesting political spin on this hook. Thanks Paul!

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