Friday, 16 October 2015

RPG Hook #1

RPG Hook #1

You awaken with a sharp intake of breath, the cold air freezing your lungs as your eyes snap open. You can't move your arms and legs, something heavy is weighing them down. You struggle to move your head, your joints are stiff and uncooperative, but eventually you manage to turn your head to see what's pinning your limbs down. Someone is laying across you, barely moving. You call out - throat sore and dry - asking for them to get off you, but they don't respond. You turn your head a little further, seeing more and more figures, laying on top of with one another. Then you smell it, rotting, half-burnt flesh, it's in your nose and your eyes. You try and wriggle free from the figure on top of you, panic setting in, as you tilt your head up and lock eyes with the rotting face of a corpse, mouth frozen in a rictus grin. Then you spot the high earthen walls of the pit, and another body is thrown over the side, landing a few feet from you. You've awoken in a mass grave and you don't remember how you got here, what do you do?

What are RPG Hooks?

RPG Hooks are an ongoing series of short, single paragraph hooks or adventure openings that you can use to build a role-playing adventure around, usually introducing a situation to be resolved or explored. I'll be posting an RPG Hook every day so stay tuned!


symatt said...

That's sweet. A hook a day. I know you can do to. You have drive. Great start Jay.

Jay Draper said...

Thanks Sy! There'll be other things too, but I wanted to make sure there was some kind of daily content to keep people visiting :)